Whether a small studio apartment in the city or a large mansion along the water and everything in between, we can bring life and order to almost any space.  

Why have so much space and not live in it?

Why have so many things with no real function?

My goal is for you to live and have room in a decluttered and organized space that is tailor-made to your specific style. You’ll be surprised with just how much living room you actually have.


Let’s make this a decluttered oasis instead of a messy hide-away from the other family members…

Kitchens & Pantries

Can’t find that specific spatula you wanted to use again? Not sure how many jars of pasta sauce you have on hand? Let’s locate it all while making space!


Even papers and cords have their place. Whether home offices or business offices, let’s increase productivity!


Is this space functional for you? Can you find the floor? Let’s figure out your goals and make them happen!


A space dedicated to storage. Instead of being afraid of opening the doors, let’s make this work for you!

And More!

Big projects such as decluttering and organizing before and/or after a move can be done the right way!

My Method

“Top to Bottom, Left to Right”


Step #1: “Identifiable Purpose”

The first step is realizing that every item you own has purpose, including the spaces they are in. We identify that together. We account for every single item you have in that space and identify its purpose.

Step #2: “Spoons in Place”

I give my mama credit for the title of step 2 (it’s a play on words that she came up with since our last name is “Weatherspoon”). Though the title is funny, the principle is true beyond just spoons! This is when we put everything in its place.

Sounds Simple?

That’s because it is! Take a huge sigh of relief. The goal is simplicity and the way we get there is simple.

This is not more pressure to add to a long list of overwhelming projects.

I truly want to help you make Room To Live!