I’m April Joy.


“You know this is for you, too, right?” This was a question that I had never considered, and its answer would change everything. It all started here…

I have always been an organizer. My family knew it, my friends knew it, my church knew it, and I knew it. Organization was my thing. Any type of organizing. Need me to organize your thoughts with you? No problem. We can map it out right now! Need to organize schedules for an event? You got it, let’s go! Want a clear vision of how each and every room in your house can function in a way that helps you breathe, think, thrive – live? I’m your girl. It always made sense. It was part of me.

Have you ever been told that community is important? If you have, whoever told you that was absolutely right. All it took to change the course of my future was one conversation. One interaction with two friends who were talking about their own businesses; their passions. They were going over numbers and dates, statistics and scheduling, everything you get used to hearing about when you’re surrounded by entrepreneurs. But all I heard was possibility. For them. I knew they could do it, and I was excited for what their futures held. Then my friend turned to me and said those words: “You know this is for you, too, right?”

Cut to right here. Zoom in on this moment. Focus in on the reason for my passion: YOU!

You are the reason that I love to organize. You are the reason that I love to enter people’s lives and watch them be able to breathe. You are the goal: Your freedom, your value, your purpose. You deserve to have space to imagine all of these things and watch them be your reality. You deserve to walk into your house, or office, or building where you’re the CEO and have know everything in that space has a home.

If you’re ready to have your space organized, I’m excited to get started! Let’s make R o o m  T o  L i v e ! 


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