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Room To Live


A Professional Organizing Company

Discovery Call

“You can have a lot of stuff, and still have space to live!”

You may seem uneasy about allowing me to help you at first, but trust me, I don’t take your bravery lightly.

If you’re thinking to yourself “oh my gosh, I want this place to work for me but I don’t know the first step to take,” then I am here to help!

A Discovery Call with me is the first step!

On my 1hr Zoom call, we will discuss what is working for you in your space and what is not working.

You’ll present your space, and I’ll listen to your goals and desires. 

Together we will plan for the transformation you’ve always wanted!

April Joy is a literal deep breath. She will walk into a room and you feel like you have a North Star that is guaranteed to get you home. The way she explains and executes her methods calm both the heart and the mind, while bringing a determination to your goals that can only result in efficient, accomplished, and successful spaces. April Joy has made me feel like using my space in a healthy way is not only possible in general, but it is being offered to me. Every time I have worked with April Joy, she has just given her skills; she has given of herself as a person. This is not just a job to her and the proof is in the peace!


Vocal Teacher, Safety Harbor

April has been helping me organize for years! Organization in my home has not been a skill of mine. When prepping for a move, she helped me go through and get rid of clothes and items that I was holding onto for years that I didn’t need. She is a safe place to go through your beloved items and determine what is necessary to make room for the things you actually need. She is extremely detailed and she amazes me every time with how efficient she can get things done in a timely manner. Not sure what I’d do without her!


Area Coordinator, Palm Beach Atlantic University

Organizing with April is very well ordered. She is efficient, structured, meticulous, and dedicated to a job well done! April has a knack for making things look aesthetically pleasing, while also caring about the small and large details and function of each space. This ensures complete satisfaction for her clients each time!


Nanny, Virginia Beach

April did wonders for my kitchen! She put things in places that actually fit, and also helped me tone down my hoarding skills by getting rid of all the junk that I don’t use. She is the Marie Kondo of Hampton Roads!


Reservations Agent, Travel Outlook

April has been organizing my home preparing for our move. Not only does it look amazing, but now I know where things actually are! April is an extremely gifted organizer and I highly recommend her!


Rebbetzin, Beth Messiah Synagogue

When a space is organized it instantly just feels new! April helped me to achieve that feeling of newness in my bedroom without judgement. I appreciate the personalized nature she brings to every project and am in love with my space!


Teacher, Everglades Elementary School